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Farewell Invitation

Farewell Invitation

Planning to bid farewell to a loved one, and are looking for some guidelines to write a farewell invitation? This article will give you guidelines for both formal and informal occasions, so that you can bid the perfect goodbye filled with best wishes for your loved one!
Shalu Bhatti
"Don't be dismayed at goodbyes, a farewell is necessary before you can meet again and meeting again, after moments or lifetimes, is certain for those who are friends". ~ Richard Bach

Farewell is the time to say 'goodbye'..., although your heart is sad, you need to bid farewell to the person with joy on your face and best wishes on your lips. It is the time to call all the people who are important in the person's life, and spend some time together with the person who is leaving to start a new phase of life. And the first step towards making the person feel special, is to write a farewell invitation. It should be written in such a way, that everyone takes out the time to attend the party in order to bid farewell to the person leaving. You really never know when you are going to meet the person next. So, it is only this time that all the friends / family / colleagues will be able to eat, drink, and spend some interactive time together.

How to Write a Farewell Party Invitation?

When inviting the guests, the wordings play a very important role. The kind of wordings you choose, depends upon the kind of relationship you share with the person who is leaving. The wordings of a formal farewell invite is different from an informal one. Below are some examples for different farewell party invitations written for formal and informal occasions.
Formal Farewell Invitation

This includes occasions like retirement, resignation or transfer, when a colleague is leaving for another job to another city, etc. As we all know, formal farewell invitations should be very well written as well as should be crisp and precise. The overall wordings should depict honor, respect, as well as best wishes for the person for whom the farewell party is being organized. Below is an example of a formal invitation for a farewell party. Have a look.
You are cordially invited to
attend the farewell party
Mr. Brandon Smith
Saturday, January 28, 2012

Venue: Woodsville Hotel
Time: Cocktail starts at 7 pm
Dinner at 8 pm
Dress Code:
White Colored formals for Ladies
Black colored formals for Gentlemen
RSVP before
Wednesday, January 25, 2012
email at
Please present this invitation at the entrance
Informal Farewell Invitation

Unlike formal farewell party invitations, informal or casual invitations are between close friends and family. You can be as creative and casual in these kinds of invitations, depending upon the kind of closeness you and the people invited share with the person who is about to leave. In informal farewell party invitations, you can use quotes, poetry, or just a few self-framed words from your heart. Below is an example for the same.
Rose  hit the jackpot
and landed a new job she always wanted,
and a new city awaits her to fulfill her desires.

She has given all of us some amazing memories
by being an important part of our lives.
Let us add some unforgettable memories to her life
by throwing a memorable farewell party.
Join us at her farewell celebration on

Saturday, January 28, 2012 at 7 pm
The Ambiance Hotel
48 North Avenue
Church Gate Road

Wednesday, January 25, 2012 at 816-698-452

Hope to see you there!

Just keep in mind that you can make the invitations a lot more interesting and creative by using some interesting farewell wordings that come straight from your heart. You never know when you would see this person again. The gesture of throwing a farewell party shows how important this person is to you. So, try to make the party invitation as interesting as the farewell party of the person, so that the best wishes and the good times, always stay alive in his/her memories, now and forever. :)