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Creative Ideas for a Colorful and Vibrant Mexican Costume

Mexican Costume Ideas
Mexican costumes are colorful and vibrant, and an instant success at costume parties! For your next party, be sure to select a Mexican theme!
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Feb 26, 2018
Parties can be quite boring if you just have a routine come-serve-eat-drink-leave thing going on. A great way to add some spice to it, is to have a theme based party. And one of the spiciest ideas for a party is a Mexican theme. So, the next party that you host, should be a Mexican one and you have to insist that everyone arrives in traditional Mexican costumes! Let's focus on some not so unusual costume ideas that you can dress up in whether you're hosting or attending a costume party.
Mexican Costumes
Mexican culture is a harmonious blend of Aztec culture and Mayan culture. When these two blend, a sensational image of vivid colors, and a feel-good atmosphere is created. Traditional Mexican clothes and costumes can add to the festive mood of any place and turn a drab and dull occasion into a fiesta, at once. The first step to this though, is getting the costumes right.
... for Women
Mexican Costume Ideas for Women
Traditional Mexican clothing for women, can be replicated with some of the tips and ideas given here.You can go in for a two-piece set of clothes. This involves a skirt and a blouse. The main eye-catcher is the blouse. It must be one in a bright color, or can be a mix of colors.
Mexican Costume Ideas for Women
Mexican women are a beautiful creation. They have that come-hither, sultry look about them, that can make any man weak in his knees. But if crossed, they can be quite the terror, with their fast tongues, and easy to ignite tempers. If the costume is in one color, then it must, most definitely have some fabulous embroidery done on it. The embroidery should be rich and elegant. For the skirt, you need to contrast the blouse. If the top is plain, get a wildly printed skirt with loud designs.
Mexican costumes have rich and elegant embroidery. For the skirt, you need to contrast the blouse. If the top is plain, get a wildly printed skirt with loud designs.
Mexican Costume Ideas for Women
Floral prints work best for an authentic Bohemian look. You can also opt for a one-piece dress, with a lot of frills. These frills and puffs are generally seen on the cuffs, sleeves and at the base of the dresses. Bright, colorful, and intense designs, are the best bet. Use colorful scarves, bandannas, and chunky jewelry as some great accessories! You can also try the different hairstyles for an authentic seƱorita look.
... for Men
Mexican Costume Ideas for Men
Mexican men are all about being macho. They place a lot of importance in their masculinity, and do not let anyone or anything compromise that. They have an infectious passion about them, that is clearly seen in everything they do; eat, drink, love, hate, etc. So you'll definitely need a good set of male costumes to look truly Mexicano.
Mexican Costume Ideas for Men
You can try out a pair of tight cut-offs, with a matching jacket, and a white shirt with frills at the collar, for a raging matador look. Or go in for a loose printed garment that looks more like a shawl, called a serape, with a pair of comfortable trousers. Top this with a large sombrero, and hold a guitar in your hand.
Another option for men, is to wear a pair of faded jeans, and a huge, and brightly colored poncho over it. Team this up with a large straw hat or a real sombrero if you can manage it, and you have yourself an incredible Mexican look. And don't forget the signature handlebar mustache!
Mexican Costume Ideas for Men
If you want to do something different, you can also don a costume that portrays the lucha libre of Mexico. Lucha libre is a traditional form of wrestling that is prevalent in Mexico. In order to dress like one of these wrestlers, you're going to have to wear a colorful mask to cover your face as is the tradition in Mexico. Spandex bottoms and a vest in coordinating colors will complete the outfit. The mask is the USP of this costume. It is what each wrestler is identified by.
So, that was how you can whip up some good Mexican costumes for yourself, in the shortest time. If you want to take it a step further, then go in for some tattoo art, which will give you the true look and feel of it!
Mexican Hat Or Sombrero And Rattles
Sombrero Hat