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Housewarming Games to Make Your Special Day the Most Memorable

Housewarming Games
Want to add some spice to your housewarming party? Simple, include a few creative and fun games. Read on for some interesting ideas on housewarming party games.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Feb 27, 2018
Moving into your own house is a dream come true. As any new house owner knows, it is an occasion of immense pride and joy for a person. Having a housewarming party is a good way of sharing this happiness with people who are close to you such as friends and family. It also offers an opportunity to showcase the house to close ones and the new neighbors.
To make the housewarming party interesting, fun and memorable, special attention should be paid to the food, decorations and most important of all, games. Including fun, engaging and interesting games in the party can liven up the atmosphere and make it a grand success.
Make a Painting
This is one of the most interesting of all housewarming ideas. What you can do is, buy a huge canvas and keep it near the entrance of the house. When your guests arrive, ask them to write their comments about anything, be it your house, the things in it or even about you, on this canvas. Tell the guests that they are free to do whatever they wish to do on the canvas, they can draw, write or even paint. Once the party is over, you can get this canvas framed and adorn one of the walls in your house with it. This activity will make the evening truly memorable for you as well as your guests.
Treasure Hunt
Another fun game that you can play is a treasure hunt. Besides being fun, this game offers enough opportunity to the hosts to show around their house to their friends and family. To play this game, divide your guests into groups of five. After that give each team a clue to get to the next clue. You will have to leave different clues in different corners of your house to play this game. Finally when the groups are able to hunt and get to the final clue, leave individual gifts for them near it. These can serve as your return gifts to them for coming to your housewarming party.
Home Quiz
Play this game, once you have given your guests a tour of your entire house. What you can do is, prior to the housewarming party, prepare a list of questions about the house, its furniture, accessories, garden, etc. During the party, ask these questions to your guests. When somebody answers correctly, give them a small gift.
Musical Chairs
If you have a big garden, then you can include outdoor games such as musical chairs in your party. Musical chairs is a fun game in which people cannot help but laugh and enjoy together. And if you want to get acquainted with your new neighbors, musical chairs fills in as the perfect icebreaker game.
Change the Decor
To play this game, take your guests to a particular room in the house and give them full freedom to move the furniture, accessories, paintings, shelves, cupboards and all other things in the room to re-decorate it according to their taste. You can divide your guests into teams to play this game. Afterward, the team which comes up with the best decorating style is declared the winner.
Interesting games such as these can turn an otherwise regular "eating and talking affair" seen at most parties to something which everyone gets engaged in and enjoys. So, if you are planning a housewarming party, include a few of these games or better, make your own games and have fun!
Family Painting
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