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Rules for Playing the Chandeliers Drinking Game

Rules for Playing the Chandeliers Drinking Game

Inviting your friends over for a drink is always fun. You can make that more fun by playing easy drinking games like Chandeliers. PartyJoys tells you the rules of the chandeliers drinking game.
Rucha Phatak
Quick Tip(sy)!
You can fill the middle jar with a hard drink rather than a beer. It surely will make the game more interesting!
When you have friends around for a drink, just chatting might get boring after some time. Like a perfect host, you will need to entertain your guests. It could be a good idea to play the chandeliers beer drinking game to infuse energy in the party. It's a perfect dose of entertainment and intoxication! You won't need much for this game; a skill to shoot a coin right is enough. Interesting, isn't it? Let us find how to play the chandeliers drinking game.
What You Need
A table or a flat surface
More than 2 players
A regular-sized glass for each player
A jar/pitcher/tall glass
A coin/quarter
Most importantly, BEER!
1. Fill the jar with beer, and place it on the table.

2. Fill all the glasses with beer and place them around the jar in a circle. (This arrangement looks like a chandelier, hence the name.)

3. Stand around the table. Each player should stand behind his glass.

4. The coin will be given to a randomly chosen player.
Let the game begin...
1. The first player should flip the coin to land it in any random player's glass.

2. The person whose glass the coin lands in, needs to gulp down his beer immediately and refill the glass.

3. That person can take the next turn of flipping the coin.

4. This player has to aim for the first player's glass. If he fails, the turn will go to the player on his left.

5. If the first player lands the coin in his own glass, he has to drink it down. The next turn will go to the player on his left.

6. The game continues this way.
Ohh, but wait. What about the jar?
1. While aiming at another player's glass, a player can aim for the jar filled with beer as well.

2. If the coin lands in the jar, everyone needs to gulp down their beer.

3. The last person to set his empty glass down will have to drink from the jar.

4. He takes the next turn of coin flipping.

5. The game continues till the players want or can! With so much beer, if a player is the last one standing, he wins the game!
You can place a shot glass in the middle instead of the beer jar. Fill the shot glass with a hard drink. If a player flips the coin in the shot glass, everyone has to drink their beer, and the last person to keep the empty glass down, has to drink the shot as well. Now, chances of the coin falling in the shot glass are higher. If a player misses a beer glass in the inner rim of the glass circle, it is sure to drop in the shot glass. The hard drink shot can definitely make a player more intoxicated than beer.

Instead of a coin, you can play the game using ping pong balls. Rather than flipping the coin, bounce the ball to land it in a beer glass. A player has to bounce the ball on the table to land it in a glass. The player to whom the glass belongs, drinks from it. If the ball lands in the jar, everyone has to drink. In addition, that person has to drink from the jar as well. Playing this game with a ping pong ball is a little tricky as you have to bounce the ball. It is hard to guess where the bouncing ball would land, especially when you are a little tipsy!
You must try this fun game to have an amazing time with your friends. The best part of the game is that it can go on for as much time as you want. However, it is important to act responsibly. Cheers!