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Scary Things to Do at a Sleepover That'll Keep You Up All Night

Scary Things to Do at a Sleepover
For those who have the heart to try out the suggestions here on scary things to do at a sleepover, can go right ahead and give these a shot. A word of caution; whatever is mentioned here is not for the timid.
Naomi Sarah
Last Updated: Feb 21, 2018
Whoever started the idea of sleepovers was brilliant, because the whole idea of having people meet and stay at a friend's place a whole weekend doing fun / outrageous things, is ingenious. Not all sleepovers have to be boring and end up with everyone just whiling away the hours doing nothing fun or engaging. No doubt that watching a couple of movies and going on an all day binge seems inviting, but for how long can you keep that up? I suggest you brace yourselves for some pretty wacko, not-advisable-for-small-kids ideas that are sure to give you the jitters.
Fun, Scary Things to Do at a Sleepover
So let's get a move on and find out how you can get others involved in your plans of having a horrific weekend of thrills and spine tingling chills.
Ouija Board Game
This game can turn from fun to not so fun, so be sure to read extensively about this game before you take part in it. The Ouija board is a game made for those who have an inclination to summon spirits, where it comes with instructions on how to communicate with the other world. If you call upon these spirits they can answer questions and predict things about the future that will fascinate you, often letting people push boundaries. It is important to know that this isn't a safe game to play, where the outcome may not be pretty - just remember that you've been warned. If nothing daunts you, then playing this in the cemetery with friends shouldn't pose as a worrisome situation.
Couple with spirit
Explore a Cemetery or Known Haunted Area
Know a place where people claim to have seen spirits or know anyone who's told you that a place is supposedly haunted? Go loaded with cameras and flashlights and explore these spots with friends you've invited over for a sleepover. Make sure everyone is carrying their individual cell phones to help keep in touch with one another. Alert someone you know that you'll be there should anything go wrong with the group (in case you split up or can't find someone). You could also stake out a cemetery around 3 am - the known time where spirits are most active.
Friends at haunted area
Scare Tactics
Know a wimpy kid that would be fun to scare late at night? Give them prank calls after midnight and muffle your tone using a voice modifier. If you know how their homes look from the inside, you could scare them into believing that you're in their house. Movies like Scream should give you some great ideas on how to pull off this stunt. To make it more interesting, show up at their home with frightening masks and other props to add a touch of extremity to it.
Scared girl
Watch Paranormal Based Movies/Documentaries
Anything based on true events or real-time recording should be watched post midnight, with a back-to-back marathon of the best in spirit based movies. Movie suggestions that you should add to your list are The Exorcist, The Rite, Amityville Horror, Insidious, Paranormal Activity 1,2 & 3 and so on. Try sleeping in separate rooms after watching these movies - the slightest creeks and noises will have you on edge and make your skin crawl.
Girls watching horror movie
Experiment with Black Magic
Another activity where throwing caution to the wind would seem foolish and quite retarded, is messing with black magic. Be sure to prepare yourself for accidents or effects of this ritual where things could get out of hand. It could also turn into an obsession of experimenting with black magic. Get a reliable book on black magic (seen Craft, the movie?), and follow the directions given to benefit from the returns that each spell promises to bring forth.
Girls experiment with black magic
Dark Room
As kids, we'd always play this game which is very much like Hide and Go Seek except that this is done in the dark. The fun part is relying on your sense of hearing to pick up movement and presence in a room where your friends could be possibly hiding. To make it even more fun if you're the seeker, don't make a sound when you tiptoe through rooms but make loud sudden noises to scare your hiding victims - their screams will lead you right to them.
Spooky girl
Sleepovers can be an innocent gathering of friends who just want to spend more time together, doing things they either love or find fun being a part of. Be sure to be real careful when being a part of the above ideas - you wouldn't want anything to go terribly wrong.
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