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Crazily Witty 'Would You Rather Questions' That No One Can Answer

Would You Rather Questions
'Would you rather' questions are great fun, no matter what the situation. Depending on the kind of questions put forth, they can either turn into hilarious sessions or sessions full of introspection. Either way, the kind of questions that are posed are the key that ensures the success of this particular game.
Rashida Khilawala
Last Updated: Feb 7, 2018
'Would You Rather' is a very popular game that is played when everyone has gathered around and some entertainment is in order. The basic format of the game remains the same and the type of questions can be changed depending on the crowd, mood and setting.
The questions can be asked without any restrictions (which is fun in itself) and answering those questions is mandatory (which adds to the fun). When a person asks the question, he/she has to give 2 different scenarios or options.

Usually, these 2 options are so weird or absurd that neither one is appealing, or they're both so tempting, that making a choice proves to be difficult. However, the rules of the game clearly state that either option has to be picked... and that is exactly where the fun lies.

This game can be played in both ways - one on one, or with a group of people. If the game is played between two people, each can take turns asking and answering the same questions or alternating between the questions. If the game is played with a group of people, there are a number of ways in which you can choose to play the game - you can either spin the bottle and ask the tagged person a question or have each person ask a question and have the others answer and justify their choice, one by one.
Questions for Kids
When it comes to asking these questions to kids, you want to keep them simple. Also, introducing the element of fun will make it more enjoyable for them.
Would you rather...
Would You Rather Questions to Ask Kids
... do laundry for one week or wash the car for one month?

... live under water and swim with the fish or be able to travel through space and touch the stars?

... swim in a pool filled with Kool-Aid or go ice skating on a mountain of frozen lemonade?

... have magical powers to save the world or be the strongest person in the world?

... never be grounded or have the option to stay up as long as you like?
... have a dinosaur or a blue whale for a pet?

... have a real Transformers car or have a space shuttle in your backyard?

... have 500 tarantulas crawling in your house or 1000 crickets jumping around your room?

... like to live in Disney World or SeaWorld?

... be forced to tell your parents the truth or lie to your best friend?
Would You Rather Questions to Ask Kids
... drink a glass full of liquid soap or eat 2 spoons of soap?

... not watch television or not eat junk food for a month?

... attend school at Hogwarts or live in Narnia?

... have many acquaintances and no friends or have only one or two close friends?

... eat 2 rotten, squishy tomatoes or eat a small can of dog food?
... be the captain of a sports' team or be the school genius?

... rather be able to fly whenever you want or be invisible?

... eat only vanilla-flavored ice cream for an entire summer or eat any flavor, but for only a week of summer?
Questions to Ask Adults
The thing with formulating 'would you rather' game questions for adults is that they can take on a number of tones - they can range from the funny, to the dirty, to the real serious or even the most absurd, and promise to garner the desired results.
Would you rather...
Would You Rather Questions to Ask Adults
... win a million dollars in lottery or never have to pay for anything ever again?

... fly all over the world with your favorite celebrity or be marooned on an island with the one you love?

... go about your normal day naked or have smelly breath and body odor for the whole day?

... get noticed by the hottest chick at a party or have rock-hard abs?

... be bitten by a radioactive spider or a vampire?
... kiss a jellyfish or step on a crab?

... have a beautiful house and an ugly car or an ugly house and a beautiful car?

... save a damsel in distress or take a pot full of gold?

... wake up with a different face with the same gender, or a different gender with the same face?

... be remembered with hatred or forgotten altogether?
Would You Rather Questions to Ask Adults
... age from the neck up only or the neck down only?

... have a very droopy eye or a lisp?

... eat anything and never get fat or read people's mind?

... tell that special someone you love them and risk losing them or never tell them how you feel and suffer inside?

... have 3 wishes in 10 years or 1 wish today?
... visit the world 100 years into the past or 100 years into the future?

... never have sex or never find true love?
Questions for Couples
The thing with these questions is that it can help them bond, have a few laughs, get to know each other better and learn something new about the other.
Would you rather...
Would You Rather Questions for Couples
... be rich and ugly or poor and beautiful?

... get caught dancing in front of the mirror or sticking your booger under the table?

... get locked inside an amusement park with a celebrity or your girlfriend/boyfriend?

... publish your diary or make a movie on your most embarrassing moment?

... be with someone who has lots of money or a good heart?
... get married to the love of your life or be the richest person in the world?

... stay up all night to babysit a crying baby or an irritating family member?

... jump off a cliff without a parachute or go deep sea diving without oxygen?

... stand in the rain to serenade a girl/guy or get drunk and hookup with the hottest girl/guy?

... dress in designer clothes for a month or get kissed by the hottest girl/guy?
Would You Rather Questions for Couples
... get everything you've ever asked for (material things) or find the love of your life?

... play video games/go shopping or hangout with your friends?

... save the world from an alien invasion or a meteor?

... be a character in the movies 'The Hangover' or 'The Holiday'?

... live around a noisy neighbor or be a nosy neighbor?
... date someone who is 10 years younger than you or someone who is 10 years older?

... marry someone who your parents choose for you or spend the rest of your life single?

... not have sex for a year and then have great sex or have horrible sex for a full year?
... and there you have it - a long, long list to choose from for so many types of groups. That right there is the perfect ticket for some endless hours of fun, don't you think? What's keeping you then? Go right ahead and play the game, I say.